About Us

About Us

Al Waleed Real Estate is one of the leading real estate Development Company, operating in Dubai since 1994. Our company is managed and operated by staff who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Dubai real estate market and international real estate market as well, be it residential or commercial property. Al Waleed has an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial properties in prime locations throughout Dubai . We have the advantage of having our own maintenance team which will ensure round the clock quick and efficient services. We work with a network of professionals who have the ‘insight’ to provide best services. We enjoy lasting relationship especially where there is a professional satisfaction, we can demonstrate our ability quickly, even in one-off assignments, and begin to develop a new relationship.Leading the way in Dubai real estate for over 25 years, Al Waleed has the best selection of buying, selling, leasing and managing more properties than any other agency in the gulf. So whether rent or lease, need a place to live or a place to work, you need look no further.

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Al Waleed has maintained the Values upon which each Company has been founded over the last Twenty five years. Integrity, commitment to excellence, innovation and corporate optimism, being Corporate Motto. At Al Waleed , we endeavor to promote economic development of UAE, Progressing through continuous diversification, sound investment strategies and the highest standards of business ethics. In order to maintain high level of client satisfaction and loyalty, Al Waleed always ensures services to our clientele. Al Waleed embrace management team approach, which encourages personal involvement and rapid response to corporate developments, helping us achieve our objectives while adhering to world-class standards. Through dedication, we will reach our objectives, continuing to encompass new opportunities with social responsibility towards progress on a national, regional and global level.

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